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Why Terraclean?

All petrol engines will have a build up of carbon deposits in various parts of the engine (combustion chambers exhaust ports, catalytic converters).

This has a negative effect on the running of your engine meaning

• Reduced power

• Less fuel efficiency

Remember: A clean engine is more fuel efficient and more economical

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Love your car, love TerraClean

You may have come across other fuel system cleaners in the market, but you must not confuse TerraClean with standard pour-in fuel treatments. TerraClean is the only decarbonising service of its kind in the world, using innovative technology operated by trained automotive professionals at authorised service centres such as Quality Car Service in Milton Keynes.

What is Terraclean?

Terraclean is a 2 stage cleaning process.

Stage 1: This cleans the inlet valves and injection system meaning cleaner fuel burn

Stage 2: The system is flushed through reducing the fuel deposits in the system to carbon dioxide which escapes through the exhaust

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