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Car Repair Milton Keynes

Welcome to Quality Car Service, the number one place for car repairs Milton Keynes. 

At Quality Car Service, our specialists can service, repair, and MOT your entire vehicle, regardless of what make or model you’ve got. 

Maintaining your vehicle is essential as it helps prevent niggly repairs while giving you a safer drive, enhanced performance, and improved efficiency. 

Our experts have decades of experience working with all brands and can give your vehicle the quality care it needs to remain in peak condition. You always get a dealership-level service for better-than-dealership value. Whether you’ve got a petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid, manual, or automatic, our specialists can help. 

Book your car repairs Milton Keynes at Quality Car Service today.

Why choose us?

At Quality Car Service, our expert technicians care for your vehicle like their own. You always get better-than-dealership service for excellent value. 

We only use branded or high-quality equivalent parts during all of our maintenance, servicing, and repairs, ensuring your vehicle receives nothing but the best to keep it in peak condition. 

Our experts use their extensive experience and our 15-step diagnostic process to find even the smallest faults before they worsen. You save time and stress while getting better value than the main dealership. 

All of our parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months and keep your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty intact. 

Book your car repairs Milton Keynes today at Quality Car Service.


At Quality Car Service, our experts use decades of experience and a 15-step diagnostic process to find faults other garages might miss.

Looking for car repairs Milton Keynes? Call our team for a quality first-time fix.

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Air Con

Your vehicle’s air con is a crucial safety feature that keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and aids with de-misting your windows.

If your vehicle’s windows aren’t de-misting as they should, call Quality Car Service car repairs Milton Keynes for an air-con check.

car repair milton keynes

Call Quality Car Service for all your car repairs Milton Keynes


Your Diesel Particulate Filter helps remove harmful chemicals from your emissions. When it fails, black smoke can come from your exhaust. And you might fail your MOT.

Got an exhaust problem? Call Quality Car Service, car repairs Milton Keynes for a quality fix.

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A quarter of all accidents are caused by poor brakes. Don’t become part of the statistics.

If your braking distance has increased, call our team today for a brake check-up.

car repair milton keynes


A flat battery can ruin anyone’s day. Don’t let it ruin yours.

If you’ve noticed dimming headlights or reduced power, it could be a battery issue. Call our experts today for a swift fix.

car repair milton keynes

Call Quality Car Service for all your car repairs Milton Keynes

Clutch & Gearbox

Hearing whirring or grinding? Always missing a gear? They could be signs of a clutch and gearbox problem.

Don’t let it worsen; call our car repairs Milton Keynes team today.


If you want to pass your MOT, your exhaust needs to be in excellent health.

If you’re struggling to accelerate or burning through fuel fast, call our team today for a check-up.

Electric Vehicle

All vehicles need servicing and repairs, even electric vehicles. Give your EV a regular service to increase performance, safety, and longevity.

Call our team today and book your EV car repair Milton Keynes.

Call Quality Car Service for all your car repairs Milton Keynes


Your lights keep you and others safe on the road.

If they aren’t working as they should, you’re at risk and could get a fine from the police. Call our team today for a quality fix.

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Your vehicle’s suspension gives you a smoother drive and even contact with the road’s surface. When it fails, your safety is reduced.

If your drive feels bumpier than usual, call our team today for a check-up.

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Performance Tuning

Want to improve your vehicle’s performance? Our performance tuning gives you increased power, sharper response, and improved drivability.

Call our experts today at Quality Car Service.

Call Quality Car Service for all your car repairs Milton Keynes

Performance Brakes & suspension

Looking for brakes and suspension to suit your driving style?

Our performance brakes and suspension give you an enhanced driving experience. Call Quality Car Service today.

Car Remapping

If you want better performance, improved fuel economy, and more power, you need your vehicle remapping.

At Quality Car Service, our experts specialise in remapping. Call our team today for your vehicle’s remap.

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Ozone Cleaning

Bacteria and viruses can build up in your vehicle. Keep your car safer and clean with our Ozone cleaning service.

You can book it as a standalone service or combine it with your next visit. Call today for more details.


All vehicles’ engines build carbon, resulting in poorer power and lower fuel efficiency.

TerraClean helps break the carbon down, leaving your vehicle with improved performance. Call Quality Car Service, car repairs Milton Keynes today.

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What our clients think

  • Destiny Parara

    12th June 2024

    We could and can not thank Ben enough!! We had to rush r little one to hopsital the night before my partners car needed doing So told Ben we’ll have to cancel r appointment with him and he kindly suggested he’ll come pick the car up so it was one less thing to worry (my partner really needed his car doing) and so I can rest and focus on my family and he kindly dropped my partners car bk... Read More

  • Matt Rogers

    9th May 2024

    Booked my car in with QCS after ongoing poor service from Audi plus eye watering costs, plus a wait of over a month to get in to deal with a fault. From the first phone call the service was excellent, the car booked in promptly, fault diagnosed and fixed, all for a very reasonable price. Goodbye Audi!

  • Georgia Stojsavljevic

    29th April 2024

    Very friendly and helpful!! Would not fault

  • Graham Waters

    26th April 2024

    Great bunch of lads and most importantly, honest.

  • Loz Sawbridge-Praties

    10th March 2024

    Took care of a warranty issue with my car quickly and effectively. The work was top notch and completed really quickly! Would definitely recommend

  • Jane Webb

    27th February 2024

    Absolutely amazing service. Ben totally looked after my pride and joy VW T5 camper. I would not trust my van with most garages.Quality Car Service kept my car exceptionally clean fixed everything perfectly. It's very hard to find a good garage these days . But these guys are the best. Very highly recommend them. Thanks so much JD

  • Mark Rockingham

    14th February 2024

    Fantastic quick efficient service, been having my cars serviced and repaired for many year's and very reasonably priced.

  • sham suthakar

    8th February 2024

    Excellent work ethic trustworthy and excellent service all round 👍👍👍

  • Elizabeth Sheldon

    26th January 2024

    Brilliant service from a fantastic team. Highly recommended as they go above and beyond to look after their customers

  • Damian Shadie

    24th November 2023

    Friendly staff and great service

  • greg prevost

    23rd November 2023

    Great professional quality and excellent communication. Great standard of service you will not go wrong using this garage. Friendly bunch of staff. With no hidden costs. A1 service guys.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Ian Blanchard

    13th November 2023

    Very easy booking in procedure. Everything carried out on time and to a reasonable time.

  • Jessica Compton

    6th November 2023

    Cannot recommend Ben and the team enough. After a nightmare experience buying a car from Trade Centre UK, i had no end of issues that they would not resolve (a whole other story!!). Having used QCS multiple times over the years, I took the car to them and they were so patient, running various tests and fixed all the problems. Their communication was great and they took a lot of stress out of... Read More

  • Hasmit Popat

    4th November 2023

    Dealt with Ben, Charlie and the team really friendly and professional service. Trustworthy and honest garage 100% will use again. Had some major work carried out timing chain replacement, spark plugs and oil service. Transparency through the entire process they also kept me updated by email on the progress which was great
    Thank you QCS

  • dean jacobi

    24th October 2023

    Excellent service every time, professional friendly staff and service

  • Iron Daisy

    24th October 2023

    Great service - these guys found an electrical fault on our van that two other garages failed to identify. As their name states, it definitely is a Quality Car (Van in our case) Service!

  • F Khan

    19th October 2023

    I have my cars serviced and MOTd at this centre. During the 4 years I have known this company, I have found the staff to be extremely helpful and welcoming every time I visited, special mention here for Charlie who has been excellent! Their service standards and turnaround times are impeccable and speaking as a person who loves his cars, I would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended, keep... Read More

  • Troy Leslie

    30th August 2023

    Professional garage that provides professional service that’s moneys worth. Pleased with the customer service. Car was repaired in time without any delays and was offered a complimentary car wash 🧼 🚗 before collection. This is now my go to garage. Keep up the excellent standard 👏👏

  • Maureen Briggs

    26th August 2023


  • Anita Bateman

    16th August 2023

    Very helpful and very quick doing repair. Recommended

  • Adrian Lupu

    16th November 2022

  • Anna Williams

    2nd August 2022

    Booked my car in for its MOT and the service from start to finish was amazing! Nothing was too much trouble and was kept updated during the process. Also had my husbands flat tyre in the boot and they fixed it there and then without any drama. Quick and easy to use the online booking system. Will be recommending to friends and family.

  • Daniel Skavydis

    3rd July 2022

    Got my focus remapped here and can not recommend them enough, after a number of company's couldn't get my car mapped, I booked it in here for a full ecu bench map and the improvement in my car is unreal, accerlation has improved significantly aswell as my mpg, thankyou for everything, highly recommend?

  • Bhavesh Naran

    6th June 2022

    Excellent, top class service! Called at 8.00am Monday after Platinum Jubilee weekend and was booked in for the same morning to be diagnosed. Once dropped off, was called a couple of hours later with a report and then promptly fixed same afternoon with collection at 4.30. Would recommend them 100%

  • Martin Kemble

    4th April 2022

    My BMW was now out of warranty Ann’s the first MOT was due. As I had previously been to Qcs with previous cars it was a no brainer to use them again.
    Once again excellent service will use them for all further work 100%. Well done guys

Call Quality Car Service for all your car repairs Milton Keynes