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When should I book my MOT test?

Ah yes, the MOT test, one of the most important legal requirements your vehicle must have. Despite this, many of us often forget about it until the last minute and then have to book in a rush. So, when’s the best time to book your MOT test? And how old does your car have to be before you book it in for it’s first MOT? Here at Quality Car Service, we’ve got the answers.

Here’s when to book your car’s first MOT test

The main purpose of an MOT test is to make sure your car is as road legal as possible. Modern cars are assumed to be made well enough to stay road worthy for three years and then need their first MOT test. After three years of wear and tear, even the newest cars may be starting to develop faults which, if untested, could prove dangerous to other road users. If you’re extra conscious about safety, you can have an MOT test before your car is three years old, it’s just not a legal requirement. However, if your car was registered over forty years ago, it may not need an annual MOT test anymore – although you should always follow the Government’s advice rather than just assume.

You can book yours up to one month in advance

The best way to avoid unnecessary MOT stress is to book yours in nice and early – up to a month, minus a day, before the expiration date of your current certificate. This way, your MOT certificate is valid for up to 13 months rather than 12, as you can keep your original expiry date. It also gives you the safety net of a valid MOT certificate should your car fail, giving you time to book in the repairs and an MOT retest. However, we wouldn’t recommend driving your car during this period.

Don’t ever forget to book your MOT test!

We’d never recommend driving an unsafe car, even if your previous year’s MOT certificate is valid. Your car would have failed for a reason and it’s highly dangerous to continue driving with a known fault. Not only that, if you forget to have the repairs and MOT retest done in enough time, you’ll be driving an illegal car as well! Never forget to book your MOT test either because you cannot drive your car after the expiry date on your certificate, no matter what condition it’s in.

If you have any doubts about when your MOT test is due, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Quality Car Service in Milton Keynes. We can work with you to find your renewal date and book an appointment to make sure your car is always road legal. If you know yours is due soon, why not book online today?

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