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How to treat your DPF right

If you drive a diesel vehicle, chances are it contains a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). However, many people don’t know any good practices for keeping their DPF’s working efficiently – and this can cost a lot of money further down the line. Here at Quality Car Service, we have expertise in the cleaning and maintaining of DPF’s and can help if you think your vehicle’s DPF isn’t working correctly.

What is my DPF system and what does it do?

Your DPF stores exhaust soot produced by diesel combustion to reduce the emissions your diesel car releases into the atmosphere. It has been a mandatory requirement on all diesel vehicles registered from 2009 onwards and, from May 2018, a requirement on your vehicle’s MOT test. If your car was registered before 2009, it may still have a DPF fitted, although the vast majority of cars do not.

How can I remove exhaust soot from my DPF system?

There are two ways your DPF can remove exhaust soot: passive or active regeneration. Passive regeneration takes place naturally if you drive approximately 30-50 minutes on a motorway. This increases the temperature of your exhaust and burns off the excess soot. If this can’t be done, your diesel vehicle will try and engage active regeneration. This involves injecting fuel automatically to raise exhaust temperature and burn off the soot, forcibly recreating passive regeneration. However, this can only be done while the vehicle is moving, and so stop-start city driving will not help clear your DPF filter. Ensure you consult your vehicle handbook before you begin driving so you know how to deal with DPF warning lights, as the problem can be made worse if you stop your vehicle.

What if I can’t regenerate my DPF through driving?

If exhaust soot is allowed to build up, it could lead to problems with your DPF. An amber warning light will show if soot isn’t being cleared and ignoring this could lead to serious problems. A replacement DPF can cost between £1,000 and £3,500 and it is illegal for you to drive your car without one, if it was fitted as standard. This offence carries a £1,000 fine and would contribute to your car failing its MOT test. If your car goes through a period of time without regenerating its DPF filter, a red warning light or additional warning lights may flash up on the dashboard. Your vehicle could also go into ‘limp’ mode – restricting your speed with the intent of either getting you home or to a garage immediately.

Why you should choose Quality Car Service for your DPF check

Quality Car Service offers specialist DPF filter cleaning local to you in the heart of Milton Keynes. If your vehicle is showing any DPF related warning lights, or you think it isn’t regenerating as it should, book an appointment online today and allow a professional mechanic to clean your DPF and ensure your vehicle is running as effectively as possible.

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