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Top 5 Motorway Driving Tips

Motorway driving can be incredibly scary, especially if it’s your first time or you don’t use them very often. Nevertheless, there are some simple motorway driving tips which, when followed, will keep you and other drivers safe on the motorway. Here are our top five.

Always take breaks:

Our most important motorway driving tip is to avoid driving when tired. Your reactions are significantly slowed when you’re tired as you can’t concentrate as well. Don’t run the risk of having an accident – stop for a quick rest every couple of hours, especially on long journeys.

Keep your distance:

Tailgating is not only infuriating, it’s incredibly dangerous. Driving too close to another vehicle at motorway speeds might limit the amount of time you have to react to the ever-changing nature of the road. Keep at least a two-second gap, (the distance between two chevrons on the road), at all times.

Stay vigilant:

When driving on a motorway, check your mirrors regularly and sweep the road ahead. This can mean looking up to twelve seconds up the road to ensure you can react in time. If the weather is a bit wet and windy, make sure you adjust for the conditions. Leave more distance and look even further up the road to counteract increased braking distances.

Keep left:

The Highway Code states that the middle and right-hand lanes are for overtaking only. This means you should never feel under pressure to leave the left-hand lane if you don’t feel confident doing so. Seventy miles-per-hour is a maximum speed, not a mandatory speed. Take the motorway at your pace if you don’t feel confident going that fast.

Give others time to react:

Just as you need time to react to other drivers, they need time to react to you. Always indicate in plenty of time when you intend to change lanes or exit the motorway so other drivers can give you the space to do so. Make sure you know what exit you want so it’s easier for you and other drivers. Don’t leave it too late to get in the right lane either.

While these motorway driving tips are designed to help, practice always makes perfect. Repeatedly driving on the motorway builds confidence and understanding of the road so try and do it as much as you can. Just make sure your car is in its best condition before any long motorway journey. Book a service with Quality Car Service today if you think there’s a problem developing which motorway driving could worsen. Book yours online today!

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