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How much does a Terraclean cost and is it worth it?

One of the least well known, but incredibly important, cleaning services available is a Terraclean service. It’s also not as expensive as you might think! Here at Quality Car Service in Milton Keynes, we offer a full Terraclean from just £110. But what are you paying for? And is a Terraclean service really worth the price you pay?

What do you get from a Terraclean?

A Terraclean service with Quality Car Service is quick and straightforward. We connect your car to a state-of-the-art machine which pumps additive-rich fuel through your system, cleaning and burning away carbon deposits and residue left by fuel impurities. These are flushed out through the exhaust as carbon dioxide.

What are the problems with an unclean engine?

If your engine is clogged up with excess carbon deposits, you’ll experience a drop in performance and fuel economy. Your engine will deliver less power and be less efficient as it isn’t running at optimum condition – something that you don’t want, especially as you’ll be spending far too much on fuel.

A Terraclean service improves performance and drivability

When you book a Terraclean service with Quality Car Service, you’ll soon see the benefits. Not only will your performance and fuel economy increase, you’ll see a reduction in emissions as well. A clean engine is significantly more efficient than a dirty one and this cleanliness allows for more complete combustion, reducing the amount of harmful carbon dioxide produced.

Reduce your overall costs

Not only is the cost of our Terraclean service incredibly affordable, you’ll save yourself plenty of money in the future as well. Increased fuel economy means that you’ll spend significantly less money on fuel and a more efficient engine increases the lifespan of vital components. Without a Terraclean service, you could end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary repairs and new parts.

Clearly, a Terraclean service is worth the cost and should be vital maintenance for all drivers in Milton Keynes. If you’ve never booked one for your car, or it’s been more than two or three years since your last one, why not enquire about one online with Quality Car Service today? Our online Terraclean enquiry form is always available and completely free to use.

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